Burning Stories Survival Survey 2020 - What are Burners doing to cope with this situation?

This is a thread dedicated to 2020 Survival Survey question 27, where respondents were asked to list three top tools, anything felt worth sharing, that help to remain positive during the COVID-19 pandemic to support others.

What are people up to? Some of the very first answers already shared :yellow_heart:

05:23 PM
"Contact with people through the available media.
Working on procrastinated repairs and home improvements.
Taking the time to slow down

07:52 PM
“Meditation. Avoiding get overwhelm by information related to the desease”
Creating music and on line experiences to help others"

01:33 PM

  • take car of yourself and others
  • positism is the way to feel better
  • try new things !!! discover and learn new things"

09:40 AM
Home renovation

12:14 AM Family and friends, music, self love practice