Call for forum community manager(s)

            **[A call for forum community managers]**

Interested in Burning Man? Are you interested in a new wave of participatory platforms? Curious about science? Then this is for you - and no, you do not need to be an academic.

There will be a science-driven seminar in Aalto University 31st of March 2020 and the content of the seminar will be created in an experimental forum where we are looking for community managers.

Technical FAQ: Forum is here:, collaboration with Edgeryders and see presentation about the forum here and the welcoming here

Whats the forum? The Burning Stories (BS) forum is a venue where everyone is invited to log in and discuss topics on organizational models, leadership and anything related to participatory cultures. We need support for that and it can be quite an interesting ride.

Why this is interesting? The forum is a long-time dream and we wish you to be part of the journey! The forum is based on two powerful platforms. Edgeryders, a community and social enterprise that are affiliated with multiple Horizon 2020 funded projects. The second platform is Burning Stories that is a scaling science-art platform. Together, these two platforms aim, firstly, to create the program for the participatory culture seminar in Aalto University 31st of March 2020, with the aim to create content before the seminar and similarly, study the phenomenon. This is only the beginning, longer-term aim is to co-build a vibrant community of science-lovers to the forum. With a steady knowledge flow, the content can be a unique data bank - accessible for all, owned by everyone. Exciting? We hope so.

What the task about? We are looking for 2-3 community managers, with preliminary knowledge of Burning Man, to the forum. Here’s what they’ll do, in a nutshell:

  • Read/skim most of the content on the posts on the platform as they come in
  • Develop a sense of who is who and what people are interested in
  • Greet new participants when they register and ask them some friendly questions to get them involved
  • Tag people that they think might be interested or have things to share on some ongoing topic
  • If conflicts flare up, try their best to de-escalate

What´s in it for you, why should you apply for this?

  • You will get a one time 500eur compensation of your continuous involvement
  • You get insight and learnings from core of the Burning Man community and course chat with everyone!
  • Join the seminar 31st of March - we have unfortunately limited seating
  • Surprises!

If you are interested, reach out and tell in a few sentences why would you be interested on this send email to and how many hours per week could you estimate (realistically) using time to this?

I am interested, what is this exactly? Example: What John and Maria do here to get Steffen engaged My Festival Registration – response by Steffen

Also, what John does here: Edgeryders at IndieWebCamp Berlin? and here Why is all this innovation not being channeled into ways for people to help… Our practices and the course in large part by John Coate.

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