Conference content proposal - discuss the topics here!

Sooo…we have the event space, time, inspiring and lovely people at the core, interest from Nordics, EU and the US…so what exactly should we focus on or should we narrow this to which level on participatory cultures / Burning Man? What types of outcomes is another discussion as well. There are some ideas cooking up, surely, but perhaps I leave it here.

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Hi Juki! This is all super exciting :gem::gem:

I love the title for the upcoming March conference and the angle on leadership (instead of focusing directly on BM) as it opens a space for wider discussion - and collaboration. At the end if the day, it’s our ability to self-manage and carry responsibility for our actions that will lead to better thinking and therefore, better behavior and better cultures.

So simple yet so hard, right? : )

Amazing work, team. Proud to brush shoulders with you! :heart_eyes:

Thanks :yellow_heart:! Yes fully agree and hopefully by this bottoms up approach we can see some themes that are most relevant under to theme of the conference. Of course we can come with various topics as given but seeking what is the community’s view on this is kind of fascinating

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Fascinating indeed and… expansive :- ) Warm hugs!

Good morning! Feeling inspired by this opportunity to learn about other’s research on BM related topics and beyond. I agree with Artemis, that it’s great to keep it a bit open ended, so that this platform enables also Burning curious scientists to attend - and hopefully become attracted by the study opportunities.

For the actual topics, should we create tracks around our scholars (makes it easier to enter as non-BM scholar) - or maybe courageously just make it unconference way and seöf-organize around the topics submitted?

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