Stories Set II from Borderland 07/2019

Below two more stories and more coming up as transcribed - enjoy!

Example recording 3

Length of recording: 16 minutes

Transcription notes

|(word)|an uncertain passage in speech or an unrecognized speaker|
|(-)|an unrecognisable word|
|(–)|unrecognisable words|

S2: Today is Friday-

S1: Saturday?

S2: Ohh, Saturday morning and this morning we had the most amazing sunrise, the sky was set on fire and on top of the hill at the temple. So many people were gathering and watching at the sky, a painting full of flame and waiting for this ball of fire to rise above the horizon and I was supposed to do a sunrise set at the camp Tea by Sea but, like, being on top of the hill I felt this is where it should be but how to get the whole set up there so I was tripping after acid Friday still and things were little bit complicated and I was sitting there and then I asked-

S1: (All) people were tripping-

S2: Yea, I like, I would love to share the gifts of music and (-) don’t know how to get it and bring it up here and then someone said, please bring your music here, like if you can share your gift of music, we do the work, we’ll help you, we can do anything that you need, just tell us what you need and we will make it happen and we would love to hear you, please do it, you would make so many people happy with sharing this live music and that was, really the little boost I needed so then yea we went down to camp, got there, people from, they were discussing the road, like hey please help us we need to get about lots of equipment, the full piano, guitar, amps everything, the whole setup up to the hill.

S1: Hill that comes down from hill like totally energised walks straight to the trailer, opens the trailer and just starts to give stuff people, you carry this, you carry this, lets do it, where’s the power cord, there, take a power cord and-

S2: It was really beautiful because it was beyond me at that moment, I was completely worn out, it was 5 am, I’ve been tripping all day long already and I was ready to go to bed honestly but the fact there was this opportunity to share and that people are willing to help really gave all the energy to just (-) and people were helping and it was really beautiful so we got everything up there and did everything working and then-

S1: So many people, just random walkers, like walking past our camp, we asked them, hey brother and sisters, can you give us a hand and everyone who we asked came to help and in the end there was the electric engineer of the border and like driving up with this trolley thing and he took the boom boxes and rest of the people up with the car and we drove there and there was already like, (-) was bathing, we immediately start to, playing DJ (-) from the boombox, we had four powerful boomboxes, we made this (quad-room) like-

S2: Like a circle of sound in between all the people-

S1: Surround system-

S2: Yea, surround system around the people who were watching the sun, the precious sunrise and, yea, it was really amazing because without all the people, it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t have been able to get everything up working, all the technicalities, together we were able to bring everything up and to share the music and the set was amazing, we were able to share live music with (sings), so magical soundscapes, violin, like (-) guitar, we have live remixing happening and then people joined in on the piano and guitar and (-) and we just had, four hour set in the end. Different music and with lots of tears, emotions coming by, sining from the soul, heart opening experiences and it was very grateful to sing the sun and the day break come live, it was really magical, so thank you borderline, thank you all these people for making this happening, thank you sun for making this wonderful day happening and making my dream come true, to be able to play and even in such a vulnerable states, without energy at all, like completely ready to drop down, still being able to get everything up working and running and have the energy to play four hour sets, that’s beyond my own energy, that was something else.

S1: Everyone went beyond their comfortability tune and when she came down that hill, I was still tripping hard and like zero energy and I was almost ready to go to bed and then she comes with this passion like, hey lets do music and I could see that-

S2: No, I said, I need your help, I need you to get everything up there and I need to get the piano up there and most importantly I need power, I need someone to fix me, to get me plugged in, all I need is to get plugged then everything set up, I can share my gift of music otherwise I cant.

S1: And I could see it from her face how important this was so I really tapped into my own superpowers and real like, got like super charged and we started to work hard, everyone really gave their best, the hill became, in the end of the gig the hill was like full of people, people dancing, chilling out, it was such a magical moment-

S2: Yea, hoopers, dancers, everyone was there just enjoying the music and dancing to the sunrise.

S1: In the end many people actually came to ask us, hey you have this huge sound system set up here, do you need some help carrying it down and we were like yea sure please , please do help us and still after that we played like two hours more and those people, they still stayed there because they wanted to help and they were like enjoying every second, till the last beat. When everything was packed they got the boomboxes, people started to wear them, hold them and we walked down the hill and I put super Mario team playing.

[mario theme sound]

S1: This whole festival has been so healing like I’ve basically gone through the depths of my psyche, like really entangling some root patterns engrained into my psyche. As a young child I was sitting with my love, beloved, queen of the galaxy, my (-), my goddess, I was laying down with her in one of the most beautiful art pieces here like, white dome, there was art in the roof, we were lying there down and I really broke up, it was the most vulnerable moment in my life, I really broaden, I went through scale of emotions, I really became healed, so much growth happening in one single night. Actually the whole festival has been festival of growth. Both of us, we have grown in so many different ways, our love has deepened, we are like, we completely see new sides from each other, like we show our best.

S2: For me the most invaluable lesson has been, may the inner storm become a summer breeze, it was written on a little note left at the temple and I was so wonderful to see people’s learnings there like, written down and it was an amazing opportunity to connect here with nature, nature has really been putting up a show, like a proper show, I’ve never seen this beautiful sunrises, sunsets, skies, misty landscapes, insane story nights and crazy blue green orange purple, like all the colors of the rainbow I’ve seen in the sky-

S1: Around the sun there has been rainbows, around the sun and the moon and they’ve been like both at the sky at the same time. Like you could, in (-) view you could see the most beautiful sunrise ever, it was the-

S2: The sun and the moon.

S1: It was the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen in my life. The sun was coming around the moon was there, there was this rainbows around the moon, like nature really has shown it’s best. Flock of swans were flying above us when we were-

S2: In the sun sets-

S1: Other gig like-

S2: Yea I really feel so blessed because I feel that the nature is sensing maybe that we are so present or like I feel that in the last days being here I’ve seen the gaze in the eyes of people change from being maybe more closed up to being unplugged from, probably the internets and just connecting to themselves and to other people. I’ve seen people coming home and to their bodies, into their gifts, into their sharing, into their participation and really, being able to shine, people’s eyes changed and yes, truly beautiful to see how people are as a collective together being present in themselves and I feel that nature senses that and it’s giving us all these precious gifts for us to look at here and it’s immensely valuable beauty in the people and everything we give and also in nature.

S1: (- -)[0:02:10] I wanna end this recording with a small prayer for the borderline community, for this place, the blossom, in the next coming years. May the spirits of this beautiful sacred area protect us and be with us creating this amazing love gathering, maybe (-) be free, express their true self, get rid of the stories they don’t need to carry, they don’t wanna carry anymore, show their heart, their full spectrum of their being.

S2: Express their freedom, so beautiful to see how people are without the limiting conditions of society that we live in day to day and then how we blossom and flourish without these limitations and to really enjoy and share and then work hard, this is so much hard work being done-

S1: May the people be, all the people here and animals and the nature be healthy, blossoming with their full body, mind , soul-

S2: I wanna go play violin.

S1: Yes, lets go play violin to this beautiful music, thank you border line community.

S2: From TYC (- -) lots of love. See you next year. (- -)

S1: Thank you.
[recording ends]

Example recording 4

Length of recording: 6 minutes
Transcription notes
I: Interviewer(s)
S: Speaker(s)
(word) an uncertain passage in speech or an unrecognised speaker
(-) an unrecognisable word
(–) unrecognisable words


S2: Hello

S3: Hello

S4: Hi, I am (-)

S5: Hi, I am Silly queen.

S6: I am Billy Banjo.

S7: And this is the gun.

S8: And easy E.

S9: And this is the story of the naked train robbery. The (consensual) naked train robbery.

S1: So how shall we start.

S2: I don’t know

S1: (Read) from the beginning.

S9: Maybe from the beginning.

S1: So Billy Banjo and the Gun worked at the port on Sunday, just before borderland officially started and we had this idea of-

S5: No first you got drunk.

S1: Oh yea, first we got drunk on port of course but then we had this idea of robbing the naked train because there is a naked train on Thursday or there was a naked train on Thursday and we though it would be great loot to get there so this is how it began.

S5: They started recruiting other bandits from the borderland.

S4: That was how they recruited us.

S3: So we came together on first day, midday, the sun was high, there was wind and dust.

S5: The sky was blue and we prepared our weapons.

S2: We tested our weapons on someone who is also present and realised they were pretty fucking good.

S7: We all said a bunch of very good (shootouts) before hand.

S8: Yes and then we got naked to rob the naked train.

S9: Oh we got naked.

S1: We also had the masks so people wouldn’t recognise us.

S2: So we weren’t completely naked, we were wearing masks and holsters.

S3: The guns out so to say.

S2: Guns out, yea.

S1: And then I think it was the gun and silly queen went on a very important mission.

S2: To scout for the naked train.

S5: Yea and as soon as it arrived close to us, we waved to the others to give them a sign that now the train was coming.

S4: And rotten-eye was hiding behind the bushes getting prepared for the robbery.

S6: Everyone was hiding except for Billy Banjo who stood on the rails and faced the train.

S4: And some people screamed, hey man, get out, get away.

S6: But Billy Joe would not (-)

S4: And he yells.

S3: What did he yell?

S6: Well he waited until the train was standing because otherwise nobody would hear him scream.

S9: And we had a good strategy to attack the train from all angles.

S6: Yes, so nobody could get away.

S9: No.

S3: No. And then Billy Banjo screamed.

S6: Hold! This is a consensual train robbery.

S3: And then everyone ran out of the bushes.

S6: And attacked the train and people were screaming.

S4: And we were shouting.

S6: This is a consensual train robbery.

S4: Give me your consent.

S9: Give me your consent.

[multiple voices]: Give me your consent.

S2: Give me your consent.

S3: Give me your consent.

S4: And people scream, No I did it already, please leave me alone.

S3: Okay shoot me, shoot me.

S2: Yea but some people you know, some people got scared and complied and when, as soon as they provided their consent, they got shot.

S1: Oh miserably. Without mercy.

S3: Then suddenly there was an ambush.

S9: From a rival bandit group.

S4: That had heard about the robbery happening.

S9: And they wanted to take all the loot themselves but we would not let-

S3: And one of the other bandits came close to me and he shot me right in the head. But I wouldn’t fall. I just wouldn’t fall.

S9: Turns out bandits have a very traitorous in nature. So soon it became total complete chaotic shootout for the whole consent from the train.

S1: I have realised, I sensed some water hit me and I knew it was not from the rival bandit group, it was a water I knew, it was from silly queen, at that moment I knew that silly queen had always planned to cross me. So I flew over the train. Not really flying, but figuratively.

S5: And I was staggering about and suddenly somebody came and shot me in the heart and that was the moment I felt I would die.

S4: I think silly queen was shooting like five times before she fill, she also died.

S7: Easy E was a easy target.

S8: I was fighting like it would be my last day and as soon my ammunition ran out I started running but then one of the rival bandit group found me and shot me right through the heart and then I lay there in front of the tracks.

S3: So only the gun was left.

S7: No actually turns out guns can also get shot.

S3: Shit.

S8: Oh the gun also shoot me in the back.

S7: Yes he most certainly did.

S4: So we were all dead.

S1: We were all dead.

S2: All dead lying beside the tracks, on the tracks.

S5: And the train, the people on the train were cheering as we were.

S3: And somebody screamed. Drag rotten eye away.

S9: And the train continued.

S3: Continued.

S1: The train continued.
[recording ends]