Summary of the category and photos from the field research journeys

A short summary on the aim of this section of Burning Stories Forum

  • Share the transcribed data from the pilot cubes from three burns at the moment
  • Inspire people to play and also learn from the data
  • Develop our work together with everyone interested
  • Share the story of Story Sharing Cubes, share field trip (research trip) stories and photos
  • Share the art that has been already done from the data

The sad fact is that majority of the Cubes got stolen in Black Rock City, we have three left. Hopefully, we will get a bit of research grant funding and can build more of these beauties.

You can read more from our website and Dr. Terje Toomistu’s posting Transformation through human connection: What does the pilot study of the Story Sharing Cubes reveal?

The building of the Cubes was an experience itself, the original material was funded by the Borderland community and then the tech magician Peter Tapio and carpenter-artist Kalle Oja got going with the mission to create hand-made hippie-proof data collection device that works in any conditions and voilá, the Cubes were born! Late 2020 Kalle made a new version of a Story Sharing Pyramid (see pictures section) and now the design is studied by Hilda Ruijs at Aalto University as a part of Master thesis research.

Peter (left) and Kalle building the cubes 07/2019

Example picture Cubes suitcase post-burn

The field research with Cubes are intensive, challenging but also very rewarding and simply fascinating learning experience, where we also aim to support the communities by actually getting a bit of situational knowledge about the transformational activity in burns. We collected a few photos to illustrate the field research journeys