Why there is a need for a conference and why are we setting it up in this forum?

The question Why? is probably one of the best questions there is when its comes to science, therefore I would be keen to explore two topics with this question:

  1. Why there is a need for a conference on participatory cultures, with possible sub-themes on organizational and leadership front?

  2. Why are we doing the setup of the conference in this forum instead of the usual conference approach?

Would be just great to hear some of your views!

To me this culminates to one key thing:

building connection.

With connection (first and foremost with-in ourselves) comes inclusion, collective intelligence, dialogue and the basis for building trust. All building blocks that the world, we (and I) need :heart::hibiscus: With trust comes transparency and psychological safety… boom: simple magic.

VERY excited!

Excited about this event. Reflecting, inciting, challeging and growing the tendrils of burner intelligence in the world.

Thanks to Juki for initiating this!


Pleasure Graham, its work of us all, built on past and rather brave push for the future openings both on science and practice.

Like @artemis mentioned, especially about building a connection and I think that is the novelty when looking at the backgrounds of people that are joining the conference.